Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Shyanne Offutt

Kaleb Hull, most of you probably know him as “Cletus”, is a junior this year. He plays both football and basketball. He is, also, our Student of the week! Earlier this week, Kaleb helped Hunter Rumsey push his truck after he ran out of gas.

Kaleb’s fall break was great! “I went to Hulah Lake and went camping with my dad; I invited Blade, Diego, and Brydan to tag along.” He said. In the first nine weeks of school, he learned his MIG welding techniques in Ag Mechanics. Going into the rest of the year, he wants to have straight A’s, get student of the month, and have a deep playoff run in both football and basketball. If he could wish for anything, it would be to make it to state with his brothers in both of his sports. “That’s a once in a lifetime chance and would probably be cooler than anything else I could wish for,” Hull told us. A fun fact about Kaleb is no matter where he goes, he always has the best hair in the room.