Halloween Couture


Phalyn Andres and Kayla Prichard

Every year children around the United States spend weeks preparing for their Halloween Costumes, but what about high schoolers? Not many people think about the older kids dressing up and wanting to participate in the holiday festivities. When we took a poll and asked our students if they would participate in dressing up this year, 37.3 % said yes and 29.4% said they were thinking about it. Over the past few years, DIY costumes have become a very popular fad for high schoolers and children alike. This year some of the most popular costumes, according to our students, are costumes like the Stitch onesie, a simple batman costume, a jester, and a pirate. However, if trick-or-treating is not something for you, there are always spook walks and haunted houses to attend. This is a good alternative to wear your costume and show it off. According to the students of DHS, many of them prefer the Asylum in Nowata. Get out there and show off your creative side by wearing your costumes out and about! You can look at last week’s article to see some other great spook walk information!