Sara Zorzan and Mallory Jones

This year’s Cross Country team did an amazing job, concluding the season going to the State Competition!! Last Saturday they went to Shawnee and they ran their last 2 miles for this year at 3:30 p.m. There were more than 15o girls and among this, we had nice results!!

As you know the previous days it rained and so the course was really muddy but there were so many people cheering so it was fun and encouraging!!!

All the girls enjoyed running but Sara Zorzan got 37th place and Kayah Weathers got 99th place!! Very good results!!

          Sara Zorzan            Lauren Black              Kayah Weathers           Jaci Pierce

                                                                              Mallory Jones                   Cherisa Sears

Congratulations to all the others girls and to all of the teammates, including Coach Knight who has always been there supporting during all these months and has always pushed us!!

This season will be memorable and ended cheering and was celebrated at Coach’s house on Monday Night where all of the team had fun together!!

See you next year Cross Country Team!!!