Preparing for the Future


Phalyn Andres

The Senior Conference will be held this Friday on November 1st at the First Baptist Church. All seniors go straight to the church in the morning and must be there by 8:30. The purpose of this conference is to help seniors understand real-world problems and how to do important things when they are adults, such as changing a tire or doing your taxes. There will be seven breakout sessions you can go to throughout the day and each of them will last about 25 minutes. Every senior will be getting a Chick-Fil-A box for lunch so there is no need to leave the church for lunch. After all breakout sessions are done, there will be door prizes that seniors can win so wait around to hear your name announced!

When asking Mrs. Chronister what the main purpose was for the Senior Conference she said it was, “To help bridge the gap between being dependent students and independent adults.” This is a very important thing that all high schoolers should learn to do before they graduate. Mrs. Chronister also explained how they have been planning the Senior Conference and contacting the community for help since this summer.  She also plans to continue doing this every year for all the seniors. See you on Friday morning at 8:30!