Video Game R&R

Journey For Elysium is a story-driven VR game inspired by ancient mythology. Players will take on the role of an unnamed hero who has passed away, travelling on a boat in the Underworld. In order to reach Elysium and obtain redemption, the mysterious traveller must use all his wits and skills in a series of increasingly elaborate twists and challenges. Along the way, he will discover more about his past. Journey for Elysium brings back the excitement of classic adventures games of the 90’s and revamps them for a new era. Solve an increasingly complex range of puzzles, challenges and tests to move the story forward. Immerse yourself in a rich world, grounded between history and myth. Explore breathtaking environments and unravel surprising facts of the Classical antiquity. Connect with your senses to this VR storytelling experience. Enjoy the black and white art style inspired by the paintings of Gustave Doré. It releases October 31st.

Caretaker is an immersive first-person horror experience. You’re an investigative journalist who’s “hungry” for a flashy news story. You heard about a caretaker in this industrial facility who has gone insane and killed all of his co-workers. Now, the urban legend is that this “caretaker” has returned to this industrial facility and people has seen this “monster back to life”. You want to uncover this myth. You are hungry for truth … and maybe this caretaker is hungry for something else. Since you play an investigative journalist, every piece of clue you find regarding the background story will be more rewarding and will also you solve basic puzzle in order to progress within the game. All of this narrative experience will not be told via cut-scenes or voice-overs, rather throughout carefully placed environmental clues, for the player to uncover and explore. It released October 25th.