Driving Laws Changed Starting This Month!


Getty Images/iStockphoto

transportation concept – man using phone while driving the car

Kellie Hinkle

As of October 1st driving laws have changed. With this being said the changes are directed toward distracted driving, such as driving while on the phone, texting, and depending on what other devices you have, being on your tablet or computer. The law now prevents drivers from using any kind of device while driving, besides hands-free devices. This applies to school zones and construction and work zones. According to Paige Templeton, she says that with the changes make her feel safe. She also stated that there’s not much more to do concerning the law but believes that this will make a change in the way people are using their phones. Although she says it makes driving safer, she is not allowed to drive and text, but it is still something she does often. She continues to add that the only way that the changes will make a difference is if people are more informed on the topic. With this being said, reading this may inform you and show you that these changes help ensure safety.