Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Shyanne Offutt

Miranda Gomez is a senior this year. She’s being recognized this week by the DHS Roundup! She was, also, the senior Student of the Month! Her teachers said she is a wonderful presence to have in class, always polite, and participates in class

Miranda loves animals. In fact, her favorite movie is Fox and the Hound. However, just like everyone else, Miranda has a preference when it comes to cats or dogs; hers is dogs. Also, if she could own any kind of animal, she would choose to have a pet bear. “Bears are cute and fluffy, wants it to wave at her like the bear videos,” Miranda told us. If she got to bring a class back to Dewey High School, she would bring back Home Ec. “It teaches you responsibilities and how to cook. It also prepares you for life out of high school,” she said. With the variety of M&M’s out there, her favorite is the peanut butter.

Congratulations, Miranda! Keep up the great work!