Different Thanksgiving Traditions

Brynn Rippy

Many people have different traditions for Thanksgiving. When I asked Coach Stowe and Alissa Mason what they do on this holiday, they both had close to the same answers. On the day of Thanksgiving, Coach Stowe gets with him immediate family. The day after, he does something a little different. He goes to his dads house to have Mexican food with the rest of his family. Alissa said that her entire family gets together and spends the entire day catching up. When asked what their favorite food was, both of them replied with “Mashed Potatoes”. Stowe is hosting Thanksgiving at his house this year, for the first time. Alissa’s family always goes to her house for the holidays. Coach Stowe said that he was excited about this Thanksgiving but Alissa didn’t feel the same way. She feels that her family is too large to all be in one house, at the same time. Even though their Thanksgiving traditions were similar, many other people do things differently.