Video Game R&R ~ Week 12

A new generation of Pokémon is coming to the Nintendo Switch system. Become a Pokémon Trainer and embark on a journey in the new Galar region! Choose from one of three new partner Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. In this all new adventure, you’ll encounter new and familiar Pokémon as you catch, battle, and trade Pokémon while exploring new areas and uncovering an all-new story. It has been released since November 15th.

Once again, the minions of Hell are trying to take over the Earth, and it’s up to a lone space Marine to travel to Hell to save the world. Fight against demons in your crusade to hunt down the Mother of Demons and stop Hell’s invasion! In levels designed especially for Doom 64, you will face many old foes including cyber demons, mutant space Marines, flaming skulls, and cacodemons. As you battle through more than 30 action-packed levels, be on the lookout for enhanced weapons and secrets to help you put an end to the demonic threat! It will release November 22nd.