Happiness Hacks! :)

Paige Templeton

When life gets you down and you have no motivation to get back up, there are some tricks that are found online or you could get help from a friend and/or counselor. When you are sad, everything that goes through your mind is usually negative, but here are some positive things to think about and do when you are gloomy. Do what makes you happy and stop trying to make everyone else happy, help a stranger, write about what is bringing you down and then write 5 things that could bring you back up, find time for yourself, volunteer, form a positive habit and stop expecting others to make you happy. Mrs. Singleton, the Dewey High School art teacher stated when she is upset, she makes herself feel better by treating herself with a fancy snack and makes art, such as painting, sewing and making stuff. Students at Dewey High School have also stated, when they are sad, they listen to sad music, get on social media and find stuff that makes them laugh. Others just go to sleep when they are sad and completely ignore the problem. Billy Lindgren, a sophomore at Dewey High School said when he is sad he lays down and listens to depressing music. There are many things someone could do to make themselves feel better. If you begin to feel worse, do not forget that there are people you can talk to, such as a close friend, family, and the guidance counselor.