The Beautiful Sound of Christmas


Brandi Williams

Tuesday, December 10th, the Dewey Middle School and High School band performed their annual Christmas Concert.  The evening started off with our middle school students entertaining the crowd with their Christmas tunes.  After the middle school performance, the stage was rearranged for the high school concert.  The high school performed a variety of tunes, including A Christmas Proclamation, Do You Hear What I Hear, and Seconds Out.  The music was energetic and well performed.  They finished off their performance with their catchy rendition of Hark the Herald Angels Sing and the Fight Song, which they also performed Saturday evening during the Christmas parade. 

After the performances, the band members, as well as all those in attendance, were invited to the student center for hot chocolate and fellowship.  Mr. Tilus also kept good on his word to reward all those students who sold five or more boxes of candy bars.  Each student had the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of Mr. Tilus.  These students took full advantage of the opportunity.  Mr. Tilus was a great sport, and to say everyone had a wonderful evening would be an understatement.