Over 4,000 Pound Food Drop in Australia


Kelby Crawford

Australia has been struggling with massive wildfires here recently which has caused damage to many areas there. One area that has been damaged greatly is the animal’s natural habitats. The brush-tailed rock-wallaby was already endangered in southeastern Australia before the fires began in September. Officials say “Their survival could be complicated further by the ongoing process”. The fires have estimated to have killed more than a billion animals and scorched more than 8.4 million hectares. That’s almost twice the size of Maryland! With the fire season expected to rage for the next few months, many people are doubtful that wildlife will fully recover.

The New South Wales government had a great idea to help the endangered species recover from the fires. They used aircraft to drop more than 4,000 pounds of carrots, sweet potatoes, and bananas down to the brush-tailed rock-wallabies that were left stranded during the massive wildfires. The head person of this project, Kean, explains that “The provision of supplementary food is one of the key strategies we are developing to promote the survival and recovery of endangered species like the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby”. The actions this team has taken to help endangered species is amazing. They are planning on doing more things just like this and much more in the future.