Close Fight Against Sperry Pirates


“I was honestly surprised I finally made a layup, that never happens!” – Jayme Guilfoyle

Rae Dillon

Tuesday, the Lady Doggers suffered a loss against the Sperry Pirates with the final score being 36-46. On defense, the girls did a good job at switching screens and putting pressure on the ball. But they did have many fouls in the second half which resulted in Sperry shooting many free throws. Most of Sperry’s points were from inside the paint and free throws, they did not shoot many outside shots. Offensively, the girls moved the ball around a lot so they had many open shots, but they just were not falling. The girls put up a fight but unfortunately the game did not go their way. The Lady Doggers have an away game Friday against Caney Valley at 6:30. They would love if everyone went to support and cheer them on!