The Deadliest Weapon, The Flu


Jackson Wilson

Flu season has been rough in Oklahoma.  According to the Oklahoma State Department of health, it has already killed 21 people since September 1, 2019, with flu-related hospitalizations reaching 876. Between January 12th and January 18th, there have been 139 people hospitalized for the flu.  The word flu is a shorted word for the word influenza, which means a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory system which causes fever. Flu causes fever, coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle and body aches, and vomiting. If you have flu-like symptoms, you should go home and get a doctor’s appointment immediately. The flu can be a deadly illness if not taken care of properly. To avoid the flu, wash your hands frequently and don’t share drinks. Proper vaccination can dramatically decrease the chance of getting the flu.  However, if you do get the flu, please avoid crowded places, such as school, Walmart, or other public places, to keep from spreading it to others.