Coronavirus Reaches the U.S.


Traveling has been limited in China due to the virus.

Kamryn Deutsch

The corona-virus has been all over the news but do you really know what it is? It is actually a group of viruses that affect mammals. It causes respiratory infections in humans that can be mild but can also be so extreme that it is lethal. The outbreak seems to have started at a Wuhan seafood market where multiple small animals are traded and sold illegally. It is spread in humans by touching an infected person or coming in contact that could have the virus on it. The CDC(Center for Disease Control) is closely monitoring the outbreak. There are five confirmed cases in the United States, all who have traveled to Wuhan China recently. There is roughly 3,000 people diagnosed worldwide and 100 deaths and those numbers are going up everyday. As of January 27th, there are two Oklahoma citizens being tested for the virus. They are only showing symptoms at this point, and are not confirmed cases with corona-virus.