Trumps Impeachment Trial Has Come to an End


Kamryn Deutsch

The trial to impeach the president, Donald Trump, is finally over.

The impeachment trial (put simply) goes like this: first the congress investigated the allegations against President Trump, then the House of Representatives passed the allegations.  Finally, the Senate tried the accused. Trump’s impeachment trial has now come to an end.

Throughout the trial and closing arguments, Trump repeatedly said he did nothing wrong in his Ukraine dealings and many republican senators are said that his actions with Ukraine were not right, but they did not call for his removal. As the trial came to an end, a vote of 52-48 acquitted President Trump.  The news of the acquittal led to an outbreak of media stories both in favor and against the decision by the senate.

Now Trump is currently focusing on his possible election opponents, mainly Mike Bloomberg. Donald Trump said, “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.”