Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Shyanne Offutt

This week, the DHS Roundup is not just recognizing a single individual, but all of the DHS Cheerleaders! If you have ever hung around after home basketball games, you will see them cleaning up the stands of both the home side and the visitor’s side. “I do/did appreciate seeing our cheerleaders picking up trash after a recent home basketball game. Cool leadership,” Coach Stowe said.


While the cheerleaders are told to do clean up, there are also a few other reasons for it. “It makes our school look better when there’s not trash,” Summer Brown said. As a whole, they agreed that one of the biggest reasons they do it is to help out our custodian, Ms. Patty. While picking up trash might not be the ideal way to end a game night, it always makes the cheerleaders feel like better people. Gracie Gastel, a freshman,  told us that: “[It] makes me feel good about myself knowing I helped out the community.” There are a few benefits the girls say the gain from picking up. “It makes us look better as a team,” senior, Brynn Rippy, said. The cheerleaders are not sure how it makes Ms. Patty feel when she helps them out, but they think it makes her feel relieved, grateful, and that people actually appreciated it. Ms. Patty said, “I appreciate them helping me. It takes me an hour alone to clean up after games with sweeping and everything.” Each cheerleader learns something different from helping after a game. “One thing it teaches me is that even simple stuff can make someone’s day and helps a lot,” Alissa Mason, a freshman, said. Another freshman, LaRessa Friend, said, “It teaches us how to help out our community.”


Great job, ladies! That’s a great way to show your Bulldogger pride! Keep up the great work!