Winter weather


Colby Henley, Writer

This past week has been weird we have been through 70 degree weather to 3 inches of snow. Sunday it was nice with a high in the 70’s then dropped into the low 30’s Tuesday night and Wednesday morning where we got up to 3 to 4 inches of snow. The forecast shows that it will warm up to the high 50’s and steadily stay around that temperature for the week. The forecast shows rain for most of the week, but only some days have low chances of rain.

I interviewed Caden Moles

Caden thinks that the weather has been crazy lately. “It feels like we go from spring to winter every other day”. His favorite season out of the year is summer. He likes summer because he likes going to the lake and wearing tank tops with his windows down listening to country music in his truck. He isn’t looking forward to next week because he doesn’t like the cold or rain.