Broom Standing Challenge


Kelby Crawford

In the latest viral challenge to overtake social media, people are balancing brooms upright in order to demonstrate a supposed unique gravitational pull taking place on February 10. A viral tweet was posted that ignited the Broom Challenge that claimed that NASA provided the scientific basis for the balancing act, “Okay so NASA said today was the only day a broom can stand up on its own because of the gravitational pull.” The tweet went viral and inspired thousands to upload their own videos of them attempting the challenge. Despite the “proof” online, unfortunately, the tweet posted false information and NASA wanted to make sure to set the record straight. There is no evidence that NASA has ever made such an announcement about the effects of gravity on household cleaning tools. In fact, anyone can make a broom stand upright any day of the year, it has nothing to do with the gravitational pull or alignments of the plants, but everything to do with balance. If gravity did fluctuate the way the tweet indicates, our daily lives would be incredibly different. Nasa explains in an article about the broom challenge, that “we would weigh vastly different amounts every day, ocean tides would be chaotic, the atmosphere would constantly be expanding and contracting, and our spines would tire of the incessant gravitational and air pressure changes.” Technically NASA is saying that this ordinary, less-than-unique challenge blew so many minds and went viral left them shaking their heads. This is just another example of how fast people start jumping into viral crazes on the internet before they actually research the facts behind the subject. You can’t trust everything on the internet, even if it seems real, it’s not all true.