Choir Competition


Kelby Crawford

On Tuesday, Dewey’s Choir went to the NSU-Tahlequah for competition. The competition consisted of two parts, the first is the stage performance and the second part is the sight-reading room. During the first part, the choir performed two pieces they prepared for in class. The contest requirements state that one piece has to be a capella (no piano) a one-piece has to be off the Prescribed Music List. “We sang “Omnia Vincit Amor” for our capella piece, in Latin. The second piece was “One Candle”.” (Mr.Green) In the second part of the contest, they are given a piece of music that was composed specifically for this competition. Nobody has seen this particular piece. The choir gets 3 minutes to review the music and at the end of the three minutes, the choir sings on syllables without the text. Then they are given two minutes to review the music one more time and then sing with the text. After the stage performance and sight-reading, the judges give the group a rating ranging from 1-5, 1 being superior. Our choir group received a 3 overall. It was an overall great time and experience for all the students. Mr. Green explained his thoughts for the overall trip down to NSU, “It was a great time for all. We arrived and had to walk quite a distance from the bus to the student center on campus. We were able to just hang out for a bit before performing. It was great for me because I went to college at NSU and spent most of my time in the Fine Arts building. As much as everything has changed, its all still the same. All-in-all, it was a great day.”