Tell Me Somethin Good


Shyanne Offutt

This week, we are recognizing Kiara Wood for her amazing positive and respectful attitude, as well as her hard work. She was nominated by Mrs. Williams. “Kiara has such a kind heart and a bright smile. I enjoy being around her each day,” Mrs. Williams said.


With graduation coming up really soon, Kiara says the thing she is going to miss the most about high school are her friends and everyone she’s known since her childhood. “The thing I will miss the least of all will probably never finding anything to do in the small town,” Kiara said. After graduation, which is May 15th, she is going to start at OSU in the fall. She plans on majoring in business and doing something with psychology. For spring break, she is going down to Houston, Texas for the week. Her favorite memory is sitting on the basketball bench talking to Jayce about their life plans. Kiara also has a message for all underclassmen. “Do not take these 4 years for granted, cherish every last minute, you will miss it once it’s all over.”

Thank you, Kiara for always having great school pride! We’re proud that you’re a Bulldogger!