What is wrong with the world? Topic: Wealth Inequality in the US

In the US there are three main classes of wealth, the rich, the middle class, and the poor, some of these classes make up a good chunk of  America while some do not. The middle class takes up most of the percentage from anywhere around 25% to 66%, the poor make up about 12% to 17%, and the rich make up usually 1% to 20%, there, of course, are some weird outliers but the main point is the wealth distributed between these classes. Considering that there is such diversity among the classes that there would be a fair distribution of wealth among them but that’s where this article is really focused on, The poor own about 14% of the wealth, and the Middle class owns about 26.6% of the wealth, so it would seem logical that the rich would have a little bit higher right? Well, the rich own about 79% of the country’s wealth which is alarming because this means they are hoarding their wealth and are leaving the other two classes with less money. Since there is less money being distributed there will be massive layoffs in companies because they just can’t afford it and the unemployment rate will get worse, currently, the US unemployment rate is 3.8% which doesn’t seem like much but in actuality, that number means 6.3 million people are without jobs and that number will only get bigger if the wealth inequality doesn’t cease. Although this proposition may seem scary there is still hope, with some upcoming bills in the government the taxes could be raised on the rich and distribute the wealth to the poor and the middle class but until that happens we have to help each other and remain charitable.