18th Anniversary of 9/11


Phalyn Andres, Kellie Hinkle, and Makenzi Fagan

18 years ago a horrific terrorist attack struck the USA. When two planes flew into the twin towers in the state of new york. The towers were massive and each held 430 companies. On a clear day, you could see the towers as far as 45 miles. They attracted roughly 70,000 tourists daily.

Many lives were sadly taken. Some victims could be seen jumping out of the windows to avoid breathing in the smoke and burning to death. Many of these victims were men, approximately 75-80%. There was a daycare inside the twin towers so children died as well.

A total of 2,977 were killed on this tragic day. As we morn all of these lives lost we must also appreciate and have compassion for the ones who survived. A lot of help was needed this day as no one knew what was going on. Panic ran the streets and fear filled the eyes of the citizens. Although, the ones who helped, saved lives, and gave their last breathes to save another one. As this day is sad, it also gives us strength and power.


Information found at CNN.com