Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Shyanne Offutt and Mady Tate

Student Recognition:

Xavier Little Sun is a Freshman this year. He is being recognized by the DHS Roundup this week for his willingness and patience when helping a classmate with schoolwork. We sat down and talked to Xavier for a few minutes. While in high school, the few things he is most looking forward to is finishing all of his work, helping others, and graduating. He enjoys many things about high school, including math class, he still misses hanging out with his friends from middle school.  Outside of school, Xavier enjoys practicing basketball and watching TV. He enjoys watching his favorite actor, Vin Diesel, because he is a good actor and they have something in common; family is important to both of them. Everyone has a food they wish did not exist, Xavier’s is cottage cheese, which we really do not blame him for. Last, but not least, his favorite candy is sweet tarts. If you see Xavier in the hall, make sure to give him a high five or tell him “great job!”


Reminder: Everyone at Dewey High School is an amazing student! Keep up the great work for your chance to be in the next issue of The Roundup!