IT Can’t Get Any Better!


Makenzi Fagan , Writer

This week the DHS roundup interviewed Tayllore Witt, a freshman at DHS. Recently she went and saw IT Chapter Two. The movie was very enjoyable, as it gave a deeper background on Pennywise and how he fits in. Although you may think the movie won’t be scary, it comes with a handful of jump scares. An awesome character in this movie is Beverly. She plays a strong female role. She has gone through many trials and has changed so much as a person through aging. I asked Tayllore Witt if there was anything she’d want people to know about this movie, and she said, “Even though the movie is long, if you watched the first movie this gives a stronger background and showed how they’d come back if Pennywise came back when they were older.” Overall she rates this movie five out of five stars. She adds, “if you love scary movies then you should definitely watch it!”