Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Chaz O is a Senior this year, and he is our Student of the Week! Earlier this week, Chaz was in P.E. playing volleyball with everyone. At the end of class, he found a $20 bill on the ground and picked it up. While a lot of people would have just pocketed the money, he turned it in to Coach Knight. If you see him in the hall, tell him ‘good job’!

I sat down with Chaz and talked with him for a little bit. He has many memories from high school, but his absolute favorite would be from football season his Sophomore year, when they completely dominated at Nowata. His biggest achievement is also from football, it is the fact that he has been a 3-year starter. In school, he enjoys coding on computers, but in his free time, he enjoys writing. “I kinda started young as a kid, but I’ve started writing in more styles,” Chaz said. Everyone has a specific time period they wish they could go back to. For Chaz, it is the high points of Rome, around the time Jesus was alive. His reason? “It was a huge part of history, defined America and Europe, and shaped the western world, the culture still reflects it. Latin is still present in our own language. Also, their religion has survived even after the fall of Rome,” Chaz explained. Senior year is the end of your high school career. His plans for the next two years are to go to college in Oklahoma and then go somewhere out of state for either business management/marketing or architecture.

Don’t forget that you can be recognized, too!