Mrs. Stauder: Teacher of the Year


Phalyn Andres

Mrs. Stauder is known as the STEM or science teacher, but she is so much more than that. She is a truly talented teacher who earned the title of Teacher of the Year here at Dewey. She was then called sometime in June by Joy Hofmeister and told that she was one of the 12 finalists for Oklahoma Teacher of the Year. In order to be one of these finalists, Mrs. Stauder had to submit seven essays, a professional photograph, and three letters of recommendation to OSDE (Oklahoma State Department of Education). She also had to create a video showcasing her teaching which was viewed by everyone in flex on Wednesday. When asked how she felt having earned teacher of the year, Mrs. Stauder said she was, “Incredibly honored to even be considered among such amazing educators”.

When Mrs. Stauder was asked what she wished for the future of DHS, she replied with, “I want students to recognize that they don’t need things to be ‘easy’ for them to be successful and to develop a culture that supports learning and discourages cheating”. Besides being a gifted teacher, Mrs. Stauder is also a loving person who cares about her students. She wants her students to learn good teamwork, problem-solving skills, and for them to learn to love/appreciate science, but she also wants her students to know that she cares about them. One of Mrs. Stauder’s wishes is that all students feel supported and safe here about DHS.

Mrs. Stauder sadly did not get the title of Oklahoma Teacher of the Year. It was announced on Tuesday after all of the finalists met in OKC, went through two judges panel interviews and fishbowl questioning. Although Mrs. Stauder did not win the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, DHS is very proud of her and her great attitude going through the whole process. Dewey is very lucky to have a teacher as talented and loving as Mrs. Stauder.