Take Action


Cierra Kirby

Recently, Officer Gray wanted to take action toward parents who don’t bring their children to school. He was asked a series of questions as to why he wanted to pursue this. It all started a few years ago. He believes that each and every student should be getting their education. “The more students are out of school, the more they miss out on their education,” he said. Officer Gray believes that taking action on children not coming to school should be addressed. Through this, he has a strong feeling this issue will be resolved to a certain point. The first nine days a child has unexcused absences, the parents will be fined $150, and every day after that, it will be increased. “If parents do not want to get fined for not bringing their kids to school, pour water on your child.” He estimated the time for this to be implemented would be around November 1st, after their next council meeting.