Snack Sales for Academic Team!


Phalyn Andres

The academic team is having a fundraiser selling snacks to the students of Dewey High School. They have snacks such as popcorn, nature valley bars, goldfish, peanut butter crackers, water bottles, and propel. Mrs. Stauder is the organizer for this fundraiser and teacher for the academic team. Last year, they raised about a thousand dollars. When asked what this fundraiser money is going to be used for, Mrs. Stauder said, “It will be used for competition entries, study material, buzzer upkeep, team shirts, etc.”

Snacks will be sold between hours by Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Lewis, or Mrs. Stauder in the science lab. Prices are affordable as the snacks do not reach over two dollars. Mrs. Stauder exclaimed that propel, goldfish, and popcorn are the most popular items at the snack cart. The snack cart will only be available for the first semester. Go out and buy a snack to help support our academic team!