Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Shyanne Offutt

Todd Flood and Trey Glover, both seniors this year, are being recognized this week by The Roundup! Last Friday, during sixth hour, these two boys were in Mrs. Thoreson’s class and realized there was a table that was a little messed up. Without being asked, the boys took it upon themselves to fix it. So, I sat down with the two of them and asked them some questions.

If Todd could wish for anything in the world, it would be to end world hunger so children aren’t hungry; Trey’s wish would be to not have hurt his knee this past summer because not only did it hurt, but he was also out of football for a little bit. Anyone who knows these two know that they can be kind of troublesome; they both said that they think their sarcasm and laziness gets them into the most trouble. If they could live in any other state, they would both move to Texas. However, they have different reasons. Todd would move to Amarillo, Texas, specifically because he has family there. Trey would move there because they love guns almost as much as we do and everyone drives fast. As a child, everyone has a dream job in mind, but it often changes over time. When he was younger, Todd’s dream job was to be a professional football player; now it is to be a sports commentator. Trey’s dream job has not changed; he wants to be a kid forever. While they both have great character, if they could meet any character of their choice, Todd would meet Mr. Keating from the Dead Poet’s Society and Trey would meet Courage the Cowardly Dog. “In the movie, not only did he teach his students a lot about self-expression and believing in themselves, but he made it fun and funny for them,” Todd said.

A huge congratulations to these boys. Great job! Keep up the great work, Dewey High!