Video Game R&R

Naughty Dog crafted a modern masterpiece with The Last of Us. It was and remains a post-apocalpytic marvel that told a tale of love, loss and learning to appreciate what little you have in a world that’s constantly falling apart around you. Now, a sequel is ready to tear our hearts out all over again. Joel and Ellie’s emotional story will continue in The Last Of Us Part 2 with an older, and angrier Ellie. Recent trailers showcase a stark and beautiful tale tinged with a helping of ultra-violence, and now we finally have an idea of the sequel’s rough plot structure and gameplay mechanics. Oh, and Naughty Dog finally spilled the beans on the long-awaited release date, too. This released September 24th.

Espire is a single-player VR experience focused on stealth, espionage and action. Become an Espire agent and complete objective-based missions utilizing an arsenal of weaponry and gadgets. Develop infiltration tactics and techniques to ensure mission completion in the shortest time possible. This released September 24th.