Tell Me Somethin’ Good


Shyanne Offutt

Traey Garrison is a junior this year. He was nominated to be in this week’s Student Recognition by Mrs. Lewis. Traey is an advocate for people with disabilities. Even though he has turrets, he does not let it hold him back from his every day activities. He is extremely courageous and a great student. We are proud of you, Traey!

The thing he is most worried about is taking his ACT, mainly sitting for a long period of time, which is difficult due to his turrets. He is a member of the Big Red Pride, band is super important to him. Traey plays the Baritone Horn, which is the same instrument Jay Lewis played. Jay taught him how to play and helped him get better with it. It is also the instrument he’s stayed with through band. His favorite childhood memory has been joining band. “Apart from that, I’ve had a lot of hard things in my life, mostly medical, it was one of the things I picked up quickly and had fun with,” he told us. In his free time, he enjoys learning to instruments; the things he least enjoys is studying. One thing Traey wants people to know about him is even though he has turrets, he is not any different from anyone else.

Do not forget to keep up the great work, DHS!