Beaty in the spotlight

Brynn Rippy

As a student, Beaty went to Evanston High School in Wyoming. After his high school career, he went to Phillips University and also went to Oklahoma State. Now that he has graduated from college, Beaty has cursed his career in coaching and teaching. As a coach at Dewey, Beaty coaches football baseball. When it comes to teaching, he teaches World Geography, World History, and Government. Outside of school, Beaty doesn’t have much free time. The time that he does have, he spends mowing the baseball field and watching his son’s sports activities. Beaty enjoyed coaching and working with kids so much that it inspired him to become a teacher. One of the things was excited about as a teacher, was watching his first kids he ever taught, graduate from high school. This year, he wants his students to enjoy the class and learn something they haven’t learned before.