Tell Me Somethin Good


Shyanne Offutt

Jordan Wakefield is a sophomore this year. He is also the student of the week! Last week, Jordan found $20 in the hallway outside of Mrs. Malone’s classroom. Instead of pocketing it, he turned the money into Coach Stowe. Good job, Jordan!


Jordan thinks that fall is the best time of year because the weather is so nice. If he could become famous for anything, he would join all the famous inventors. He would like to invent something that could help kids with special needs. While most people enjoy wearing crocs with their everyday outfits, Jordan wishes that fashion trend would go away. Everyone has something they would do if they were promised they could get away with; he would have to be robbing a bank. Jordan’s opinion on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza is this, “It really just depends on the pizza. Like, it goes on the Hawaiian pizza.”

Keep up the great work, DHS!